quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2015


Para quem estiver visitando a região da Toscana, na Itália, acredito que vale a pena uma visita neste local.

Este museu foi aberto em 2011 e tem, em sua coleção, cerca de 3000 peças, entre elas várias da FEB.

Para saber mais informações, acesse:

A heartfelt thanks to all visitors who have visited the museum last year. The activities of the museum will see the culmination in April and June in a series of events for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. In April, we will participate in events in Vignola and Bologna where we will exhibit documents, objects and photographs of WW2 era. On April 23, at the FEB Column of Victory, organized by the Brazilian Embassy in Italy with uniformed soldiers and vehicles of WW II era from Brazil, in Iola, opposite the oratory that was a place of first aid of Brazilian Army, will be inaugurated a Memorial Stone dedicated to the soldiers of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. In June, on the occasion of the Forever Italy 2015 and the descendants of the veterans of the 10th Mountain Division, June 22 will be inaugurated, on top of Mount Terminale, a Memorial Stone dedicated to the soldiers and the 10th Mountain Division.

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